Words Like Honeycomb

I honestly don't know why I try to go to coffee shops to try to get work done, because I just get distracted by observations. Overwhelmed by them, even. I'm sitting in a Starbucks this morning with my back against the wall, facing the room of people. No one here is alone except me, and … Continue reading Words Like Honeycomb


On Friday in the midst of a conversation, someone told me I wasn't very sentimental.At first, I laughed it off. Then when I left, I got in my car and started to cry. For the next hour, I drove to old places I used to wander when I lived at home, like my favorite park … Continue reading Sentiment


Thirteen. That's the number of jobs I have sent in inquiries and applications for since March. Maybe not a terribly significant number, but of those thirteen, I have interviewed for three and things looked somewhat promising. Only for me to be let down three times and have to start over from scratch again. Now, I'm … Continue reading Blooms