Thirteen. That's the number of jobs I have sent in inquiries and applications for since March. Maybe not a terribly significant number, but of those thirteen, I have interviewed for three and things looked somewhat promising. Only for me to be let down three times and have to start over from scratch again. Now, I'm … Continue reading Blooms

A Million Sunrises

You could watch a million sunrises. Share one hundred smiles. Count the freckles on a face or the stars in the sky. Hug a friend and never want to let go. Laugh so hard that tears run freely down your cheeks. Be awed by the twinkling of city lights. Fall in love with another who … Continue reading A Million Sunrises


There comes a point when you lose sight of the shore. When you have been treading water for much too long and the waves begin to overtake you. When you've run out of energy and are prepared to let yourself sink to the depths. Giving up. Drowning. Letting go. ---- In life, we are consistently … Continue reading Rescuer